Where Have All the Meadows Gone?


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If you look at my tag cloud you will see that the entry for Lucy Meadows is now much smaller. Most of my Lucy Meadows related articles have been taken private while I write my creative non-fiction book Lucy Meadows: Inquest Into a Campaign. I am hoping to write most of the book during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, but the earliest that it will be published is June, as I want to include any response to the anniversary of the May 2013 inquest into her death. I will decide nearer the time whether to make the articles public again or to instead publish excerpts from the book.

Camp NanoWriMo begins in 15 minutes for us Brits, best of British luck to all campers around the world.

UPDATE 1st April 2014 01:30

I posted the first wordcount for my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin, here are the 239 words:


Lucy Meadows: Inquest Into a Campaign


On 19th March 2013 an English schoolteacher, Lucy Meadows, died. On 20th March 2013 the staff and students at St Mary Magdalen’s School in Accrington were informed that Miss Meadows had died and the news was put on the school website. On 21st March 2013 an international campaign was launched alleging that Meadows had been driven to suicide by the Daily Mail commentator Richard Littlejohn. On 27th March 2013 a SumOfUs petition with 200,000 signatures and a Change.org petition with 40,000 signatures were delivered to the London office of the Daily Mail demanding the sacking of Littlejohn. On 28th May 2013 an inquest into Meadows death concluded that she had taken her own life, but not because of press intrusion. On 19th March 2014 activists posted on social media about the anniversary of Meadows being driven to suicide by the press.
How could a campaign go so horribly wrong and ignore the evidence of Meadows’ eloquent suicide letter that was read out at the inquest? That is what this book explores. This is not a book about Meadows, but about rescuing her legacy from the activists who love to cite her because they love to hate the Daily Mail. This book is about the perils of social media and the principle characters responsible for making a very private person into a very public symbol for a case that she did not espouse.

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