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Maybe you read the article Her Name Was Lucy Meadows. Maybe you are one of the hundreds of thousands who have been signing petitions and tweeting about the cruel "monstering" of Lucy by Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.
Maybe you were one of the hundreds who protested outside the Daily Mail offices in posh but freezing Kensington.
Maybe you believe Jane Fae when she tells you that media moguls are quaking in their boots and you are about to steel the nerve of Parliament to challenge a complicit government to legislate against the press.
Maybe you still have the placard helpfully provided by Josephine Shaw on Trans Media Watch's Facebook Group. You know the one you printed out with "I Am Not Afraid" in big letters, the Daily Mail logo as a title in font half that size, and then at the bottom in letters so small that you cannot make them out in the press photographs, the footnote "#RIPLucyMeadows."
Maybe you even believe that you were at a vigil for Lucy, rather than a protest against The Daily Mail, despite the fact that her name does not appear on the poster, instead it is the Twitter hashtag that helped to promote the protest that was not a vigil.
Maybe it is dawning on you that you once clicked on a article called Her Name Was Lucy Meadows. Maybe you wrongly believe that we know that she chose to take her own life.
Maybe you are ignoring the fact that the coroner Michael Singleton has dampened expectation that he will definitely rule for death by her own hand.
Maybe it is time to stop campaigning in her name. Maybe it is time to stop and remember Lucy.

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